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The Truth?

The reasons the gurus are able to show off eye-popping numbers is because they have the advantage of time on their side. They built their reputations and their businesses over a long period and were able to see results after months and years of hard work.

What if you just plain can't afford to wait that long? What if you need to start seeing real results right away?


The Answer

You Can Follow Eric's Secret Training...

Eric has solved your biggest problem ever. You see, before Eric became known in the affiliate marketing world, he made his money online by providing simple services.

No, not the boring grunt work where you get paid pennies for hours of mind numbing tasks (been there, done that, don't have the t-shirt though because the crappy jobs didn't pay enough).

The powerful methods contained in 24 Hour Bux are designed to help you start seeing results as soon as 24 hours from the moment you grab it. Plus, they can't get saturated and you can learn each one in under an hour.

Even if you're a newbie, even if English is not your native language, these methods will help you make money online

Check Out What Dawud Islam Has to Say

I was really impressed with the 5 methods shown on Eric's course, and even more impressed that I could actually easily do 4 of them myself! I'm always banging on at my tribe about the need to constantly open up new revenue streams and 24 hour bux gives you 5 of them! Great work!

Dawud Islam

How Does It Work?


Finally Get the Results You Want...

  • Each Method Takes Under an Hour to Learn
  • See Results Almost Immediately
  • Dozens of Places to Sell
  • Profit Online! Finally!
  • Easy to Do!

What People Say About 24 Hour Bux

George Nieves, the Digital Renegade

"5 Different methods for making money online FAST. Not in weeks or months. Plus, you give them resources to get started. This is just what the doctor ordered now. Bravo Eric Hammer."

John Thornhill, Super Affiliate

"Color me impressed. Eric has done it again. For anyone who needs to start making money immediately, this is a great way to get going. And the best part? This can easily compliment your efforts to build an affiliate marketing business if you also want to pursue that method."

24 Hour Bux Gets Results

  • No Launch Jacking
  • No Need to Be a Guru
  • See REAL Results, Fast!
  • 5 Complete Modules, Master Each in an Hour
  • Complete Packs, Including Done For You Extras
  • Includes Content Writing, Graphic Design, SEO Arbitrage, Video Editing and Voice Overs, all NEWBIE FRIENDLY!

Check Out the Kind of Money Eric Makes from these Real Methods!

And Did We Mention Our Insane Bonuses?

Social Media Mastery

​Want to finally break through and start making serious money online? If so, you need to master social media. Our expert will guide you through the marketplace so that you can finally succeed where so many others have failed.

Real World Value: $297

Video Creation Mastery

​Want to create videos that pop? If so, we’ve got you covered. Our expert will show you how to create videos for YouTube that will make you look like a star – even if you don’t want to appear on camera.

Real World Value: $397

Traffic Multiplier

​Look, you can have the best offers and the best mockups and even a professional WordPress theme. But if you don’t also have traffic coming to your site, then it won’t matter. The good news is, We’ve done the research and found you all the best ways to generate massive amounts of traffic. The best part? All these methods are free!

Real World Value: $297

Killer Video Sales Letters

​The single most valuable module is actually a bonus! Learn how to make video sales letters that sell tens of thousands of dollars worth of products in under an hour and never be without work ever again!
Real World Value: $297

Done for You Assets

Even though every module in 24 Hour Bux is designed to be easy to understand and master in an under an hour, we wanted to make this an even easier decision by creating done for you assets. So every module includes materials to make it even easier to profit fro them:

  • 1,000 articles for the content writing module
  • SEO checklist for the SEO arbitrage module
  • 10 ready to customize (with free software) eBook covers for the graphic design module
  • Eric's personal rolodex of FREE video clip assets for the video editing module
  • Eric's personal rolodex of FREE sound effect assets for the voice over module

Real World Value: $497

That's a Total Real World Value of $1,785!

But We're Not Done!

I'm so sure you'll love this course and done for you package that:

The Package Is Backed By My Truly Insane 100% Money Back Dual Guarantee! Your MoneyBack Plus $1,785 Value on the Main Product if there is an issue we can't resolve for you!

I guarantee that my team and I will resolve any issue you have with making this package work. This means you are making an effort to at least try to use it. If you run into a problem, let our team know and if we can't fix the problem, we'll give you your money back plus let you keep the bonuses!

A $2179 Value! Just download them and keep them as my gift to you just for trying my product. No hassle. Send an email to support, let me know what the issue is and if I can't help you, I'll issue a full refund. This is my personal guarantee to you.


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